10 September 2019

The all-new Defender is finally here. Land Rover's off-road icon has been reimagined for 2020, with a modern look, cutting edge infotainment and more go-anywhere ability than any other Land Rover model to date.

The 5-door Defender 110 and 3-door Defender 90 each get an aluminium monocoque chassis, mild hybrid powertrains and an entire catalogue of customisation options to make them your own. There's lots to take in, and Defender fans will want to absorb every detail ahead of the car going on sale early next year.

That's why we were first in line for a  close-up first look at both cars ahead of their debut at this year's Frankfurt Motor Show.


New Land Rover Defender: icon reborn as tough upmarket 4x4​

First ride: 2020 Land Rover Defender prototype​

The epic story of the Land Rover Defender​

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10 September 2019

One can not help but think that this new Defender, has just “called-time” on the increasingly anonymous, irrelevant, “Series 5” Discovery . . . expect very generous discounts on the “Series 5” Discovery, at a Dealer near you, very soon!!  :( .

14 September 2019

It's way beyond my price range, but I do like this Defender: the styling, the clever electronics (if they are reliable), and the shear range of accessories and customising options.  I think the interior is fantastic: it's style, the gear selector on the fascia allowing a third front seat and the interesting use and type of wood trim on the centre console.  Topping all this, and other manufacturers please take note, are the rubberised floor covering (mentioned but you can't see it in the video) and the steel wheels - praise be!

As for the Discovery, it has been mentioned that it still has the advantage of 3 rows of full sized seats, but I just don't like its looks, especially at the back.  Now that Landrover have three distinct product lines: Range Rover, Discovery and Defender, all Discoveries now need their own design language, and not to be watered-down Range Rovers.  It looks like the Discovery line is going to have difficulty finding its own purpose between the other two.


20 September 2019

I have lived and breathed this for the last 5 years and, well it was exciting and now I think all Land Rovers' cars just look the same. No doubt it will sell but I just think we could have made it more utilitarian again. Cannot imagine the armed forces driving this!


11 September 2019

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11 September 2019


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11 September 2019

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14 September 2019

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16 September 2019

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